Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Returrn, and Thoughts on Racism

I have not been here for almost a year.. Death took a friend.. and I lost my reason to blog.. that must change… I must start again.. but the way i feel about the world, and the creatures in it, becomes more treacherous each day… 

We are still in the pit of racism. Oh, we say we've come so far. But it still surounds us… Some still fight it, it's subliminal, just at the edge of thought.. we are going to speak about something, and a voice inside says.. "You can't say that any more, you know it's wrong." So why then does our mind not change and supply the proper term, that we know we should use. We castigate ourselves, for even thinking the wrong thing. We try to put the brainwashing of our parents behind us. It is insidious. To this day I can't look at nuts in the stores at this time of year, and say "brazil nuts", No my mind goes back to my parents, and my mother calling them "Nigger toes". How terrible is that? It defies my thing brain to stop the thought before it arrives at it once again.

What is wrong with our heads.. Why can't we reprogram ourselves???

So I am back, and will try very hard to continue what I started here some years ago.. be blessed dear friends... 

N aukishtae