Sunday, December 27, 2009

My cardiac issues.. the practitioner I saw last week said I may need an angiogram.. or actually, I need to get one.. I see the cardiologist on 6 Jan, and will decide then what to do.. feeling weak still, but I try to stay lying down for the most part.. I will not be working again until the New Year.. Maybe some rest will help..

If you are reading this, please go to my friend Julia's page, she is a freelance journalist that I am quite fond of.. @  NOTEBOOKS - LOS CUADERNOS DE JULIA and listen to her sing "It's a Heartache" my favorite...... 



   What is time? Is it merely the counting of moments? One conscious moment following another in a stream across the universe. And how is it determined? The length of moments it takes the Earth to turn 360° on it's journey around the Sun. Or is it just how many moments it takes to get from one place to another? Or is it the broken moments from birth to death of each consciousness we put on?Are we, each one of us, but a moment it time? Is time determined by all of us together, each of us a linear strand of what we perceive as time? All moving down in a linear line together.
What if we are not constricted by the spinning of the Earth around the Sun? How is time then measured?
Once we leave the the Earth.. Once we step onto a plane and we are conveyed above the Earth, does time change? Is the Earths gravity what locks each of us to time? When we go above the Earth, how is time affected? When we go the opposite direction of the spin of the Earth, at the same or greater speed of the Earth, do we then go back in time? If we move in the direction of spin, at the same speed as the spin of the Earth, does time then stand still? If we could surpass the speed of the spin of the Earth in the direction of spin, could we not then go forward in time?
When we as beings step on our Moon, are we not in a different time? We would then see time as the Moon revolving about the Earth, revolving around the Sun. Have we not then changed the dynamic? And then how would it change upon another world, or planet such as Mars, or Venus? Should we keep time as Earth time? Or change it to the mathematical parameters of that spinning  ball and it's relationship to the Sun?
May the Great Mother be with us should we leave this solar system for another.. then where would Time be......

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Life Today...

Sorry everyone.. still stuck in my cardiology issues.. over a week and nothing from cardiologist regarding my thallium stress test.. I have an appt. to see someone in her office on Tuesday.. and then another appt. with cardiologist in the first week in Jan..
I still feel really weak, and am unable to stay up on my feet for only short periods of time..
The inflammation in all my joints is worse in my right shoulder, only allowing me to raise my arm shoulder high..
This is eating at me and it really bothers me that I can not get thru to my internist, but he left me a voice mail saying my thallium stress test was positive, this doesn't put me at ease.. so my mind is focussed a little tightly on this.. I believe I will get through this, still it still bothers me......