Monday, June 7, 2010

In Dreams We See . . . .

I am not just another visitor to the highest observation deck of our city. But I am one who can be found here on a daily basis. I come here to observe, and to meditate.. to contemplate who we are as a people and to try to define where we are headed.

I come to greet the morning Sun, as my ancestors have for millennia.. Then I go to my own quarters three decks below the surrounding farm land and sleep.

I have never been a creature of the Sun, preferring the comfort and quiet of the night to think.. I have lived here for ninety turns around our Sun.. the Goddess has been very kind to me.. I may expect at least ninety more before I return to Our Mother..

My mate and I have decided that neither one of us was ever going to be with child.. although we still have at least twenty turns to do so if we change our minds.. but there are many children here.. it is not something we must do to advance our race, or make us more abundant.. populating the planet is not our goal, but living each life to the fullest, leaving as small a footprint on the Mother as possible…

As I stand here at the railing, I am always struck by the change of colors that come with the rise of the Sun as it pours across the land.. for me, it hits the tops of the forests first, waking all of our painted sisters that fly.. then across the farm lands of a distant city, then the city itself.. each of our cities is as a giant pyramid with flowers and plants flowing over the rails of each deck to the ground.. the colors as the Sun walks up the sides of the pyramids is so wonderful, it will take your breath away.

We are about twenty-five to thirty miles away from the next city.. and from the observation deck, can see many in the distance.. there are many areas that are only inhabited by the tribes.. the tribes care for the forests over the entire planet.. habitation is only allowed in the cities, and they are many and allow for many types of climate.. some enjoy heat, others prefer the sea, or the rivers.. and there is movement between them frequently. There are also many parks set aside and cared for by the tribes, so that those that live in the cities can walk beneath the trees.

to continue . . . .