Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's up with Me....

Hi, everyone.. as you all know, I am not the best at making phone calls, and keeping up with family or friends.. I am sorry, I wish I could change that and do better…

So i decided to write all this down and that way let every one know what was going on in my life.. Ten days ago, a week ago this past Friday I had a seizure while driving to work.. I blacked out at the wheel, and knocked off the passenger side mirror.. then went up over a curb.. and then continued on to work, except I don't remember finishing my drive to work.. After I parked at work, I think I remember walking in the building, I don't remember my drive to work.. I went to my desk and I tried to sign in on my computer, by typing on the table instead of the keyboard.. I remember the AOD that I was relieving asked if I was alright.. then I went black again.. next thing I knew I was on a gurney in the back of the my own ER.. I woke up on the gurney, and my wife was sitting beside me in a chair.. I spent about 7 or 8 hours there, and had a CT (that I don't remember), and an MRI of my head (that I do remember some of).. I went to see my own doctor on Monday, and he thought I had a seizure while driving.. and then blacked out and then slept for a long time, because thats what happens when you have a seizure.. I have little or no memory of the events of that day.. I am not allowed to drive a car for at least 6 months.. I have to see a neurologist regarding epileptic seizures, as soon as they get the records from the VA..Until then, I am holding the house down, and have put in papers for para-transit vouchers so I can get around by cab.

Anyway.. my doctor has put me out, and I can not work anymore, and I was going to retire in March, so I am basically retired now.. I just have to go in and sign out with the department heads tomorrow, and I am done.

I do have an almost total blank space for Feb. 11th, and still have to see some more doctors.. but I am basically retired now and hopping I will not have any more seizures..

I wish all of you the best..