Sunday, March 28, 2010

Turning Another Corner in Life

Well.. sorry I haven't posted in a while.. as you may remember, I had a cardiac-cath.. everything in my heart was clear.. But, I have this constant static in my head, which is caused by my pain meds.. So my internist has had me stop them to be sure that is what is causing it.. I now have a bad cold and sinus infection and gout in my large toe of my left foot.. OH! and I just rounded the corner on my slide to 70.. in other words, 65 + 8 days.. which I feel is a large step.. one doesn't like it, but what can one do, but move on.. I feel so much older.. but then I have walked this rock for millennia..
I must stop reading and start writing again.. I just have to push myself.. There are so many pictures in my head, that I want to explain.. things I see in the my past, as well as a look ahead into our not too distant future.. how distant I don't know…
There was a peace, when we were still a matriarchy.. but we have been stuck in a patriarchy for much too long.. I fear if we are to continue, we must return to the peace of the Matriarchy..