Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aw.. Today 10.24.09

Well, what a day it has been. I just spent literally hours in a 3’x3’x7’ room.. .. .. Ok, Ok, scrubbing the walls in the shower.. not my favorite thing.. too old for manual labor.. no strength.. had to spray the walls with the ever poisonous X14.. like Tilex, only different.. I think Tilex worked better.
Then sprayed the walls down with water.. had to do the rest sitting down on a stool, with an abrasive pad, and a chop stick. It worked, but I’m doing the rest of the night lying down.
I let it go too long.. then worked too hard.. now lying down, probably for the rest of the week end!
Started out the day moving my Mini, so my wife could pull out her car to go to the gym at 0630.. already having myself out, I went to Destination Bakery and got some wonderful fruit filled things, that I can’t find the name for.. then home to have coffee and said fruit filled things.
My wonderful sleep apnea has again removed the word that I need to use instead of ‘fruit filled things’. Sad, who would have known that my brain forgets to tell my body to breath, Hence, not giving oxygen to said brain, causing Memory loss.. now that I know that, I wear a mask over my face at night, so that I am forced to breath. Now that helps for some things, but does not get me back the vocabulary, that I once had.. Vary Frustrating! 
If only I could select the things I wish to forget.. HA! Fat chance!.. So many things too horrible to remember.. yet, there they are plaguing me day, after day..  
“Danish!!!!” there! HA! 
The ‘fruit filled things’ I could not find the word for in that morass that I have for a brain.. I can’t find ‘Danish’, but I can tell you what I wore 20 March 1788.. no problem remembering things from past lives.. I can make a fishing spear, an arrow, leather clothing, play the flute, do the most intricate bead work, and can’t remember the word to use in a sentence.. Frustrating...
Does time do this to us?.. is it time that ages us, or is it life, that ages us? How could I have used up so much of life and not known? My body feels used up.. weakened.. canes to stand, canes to walk.. to spend it sitting or lying down.. why? Why is it thus? What did I do to it, that I must be in pain always? Huh! Well maybe that’s it.. I see patients come to my window in the hospital each day, trying to get more pain meds. Maybe that is why I try to go without. So that I will not be trapped with in the medication. Is that not profound, or is it an  epiphany? 
I have tried many that my PMC Physician has given me.. they work for a little while, but never get all the pain.. just some here and there.. some joint pain goes, and some where else in my body gets worse.. fix that, and it moves somewhere else..
So, I try to ignore it.. to mask it.. and to walk and live with it.. cause it is going to be there regardless. But it is irritating!
But, other than that, I guess life is really good. I can still see.. I can still feel.. I can still hear.. Therefore, I can READ, enjoy the Opera, a Play, a Musical, Theatre, even a Movie..  and so, Am I Not Blessed?.. Yes! I am Blessed indeed...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Altered Photo Art


A touch of Red

Lonely Bee

Rainy Days and Rainy Nights

“Rainy Days and Rainy Nights” was the title of a post by the author of Blog It, a blog I like to read now and then, located at It is one of many I try to read.. 

So.., it made me start to think of how much I love, “Rainy Days and Rainy Nights.” I always feel comfortable in the darkness.. it makes me feel secure, and safe.. and so do rainy days, and rainy nights... 
With the rain, comes peace and comfort.. as if the Goddess held me in Her arms, and to Her breast.. to suckle and be comforted.. as a child with it’s Mother... Everything is in the single act.. comfort, nourishment, security and peace.. No cares.. no worries.. 
The rain comes.. and cleanses the very air that we breath..  helps to sustain the plants and animals that give of themselves that we might live.. 
I have always found that rain at night, brings a peace to me that is hard to describe.. It comforts.. I like to sit on a porch.. and listen to the rain.. even better to be able to put my feet up and have enough light to read by.. sometimes to play my flute in the darkness..
Rain is such a blessing.. a gift of the Goddess.. it brings forth beauty and comforts my soul...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Manpulated Photo Art

Moss Covered Shale


I really enjoy finding and creating patterns, that turn an ordinary picture.. into Art.. 
Click pictures to enlarge...

A Day at The Opera

My wife got tickets for the Opera for today at two in the afternoon.. we went and had a wonderful time..  I prefer Puccini , but it was still great. Maybe just because I love Opera, altho I am not a real fan of German, but Italian Opera.  Today, it was an Opera by Mozart, “The Abduction from the Seraglio.”  The stars were: Mary Dunleavy, Anna Christy, Matthew Polenzani,Andrew Bidlack, and Peter rose. Our seats were in row D of the Grand Tier and were terrific. It was a great way to spend the day..